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Introduction of series of Sermons by Wilfred Starrenburg

Revelation Sermons by Wilfred Starrenburg

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Semi-internates BEM (22 min.)

Semi-internates BEM (22 min.)

Introduction of series of Sermons by Wilfred Starrenburg

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Revelation Sermons by Wilfred Starrenburg

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Videos of Israel

Travel through Israel, Part 1

Travel through Israel, Part 2

Abyss Mountain, Lucas 4:29-30

Israel Baptism in Jordan, Quaser-El-Yahud

Who can be baptized, Sermon by Wilfred

Israel Betlehem, birth place of Jesus

Israel Bethsaida

Israel BethShean, Manasse and king Saul

Israël Capernaum Synagogue and House of Mother-in-Law of Petrus

Katzrin Jewish Village and House

Mount Carmel and Cavern Elijah and Gola height

Tel Megiddo or Armageddon (Revelation 16:14-16)

Tower of David and Davids town

Tomb of Jesus

Jerusalem Wall of Lamentations

Jerusalem Western Wall tunnel entrance Wall of Lamentations

Jerusalem Via Dolorosa Where Jesus carried His cross

Jerusalem Yad Vashema Holocaust museum